Privacy Statement: Consumers and Financial Advisors' Clients

Part 1: Privacy Statement for those registered to complete the TestWhat Personal Information Does FinaMetrica Collect?

We may collect and process the following information about you:

  1. Your name (which may be generic or fictitious) and, if you are registered to do the Test on-line, your email (which may be generic or fictitious) and, if you access the Website, your IP addresses;
  2. Your answers to the risk tolerance questionnaire;
  3. In some situations, you may have the option to enter demographic information  once you have completed the risk questionnaire; and
  4. In some situations, you may be asked further optional questions for research purposes.

When is that information collected?

We collect the information in paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d) (“Your Information”) from your financial advisor, from associated website, or other third party who registered you to have access to the Test (“Your Financial Advisor”) or through your use of the Website. You will have consented to Your Information being shared with us, where information is provided via a third party.

How may Your Information be used and processed?

Your email address is used to send an email to you notifying you of your username and password.

Your name is used for the purpose of identifying you in the database at the Website - for example, if you lost your FinaMetrica username and password, we would use your name to search for and retrieve them. Your name may be a generic or fictitious name.

You acknowledge and agree that your answers to the risk tolerance questionnaire are used by FinaMetrica for the primary purpose of producing your risk tolerance report, including your risk tolerance score and information for your personal use in the management of your financial affairs or for use by your financial advisor in advising you with regard to your financial affairs or for use by the third party through whom you were registered to do the Test.

You also agree that FinaMetrica may use a copy of the risk tolerance and optional demographic information (“Research Information”) you supply without your personal identifiers for secondary purposes of researching risk tolerance and risk-taking behaviour and to further developing the Test.


The anonymous Research Information will be combined with similar information from other people who have completed the Test into an existing separate aggregated, anonymous database which may be supplied to third parties.

Transfer of Your Information to Australia

Your Information will be processed and stored on our secure server(s) which are located in Sydney, Australia.

If you are using the Website or third party website(s) from a country outside Australia, the various electronic communications will necessarily result in the transfer of information across national boundaries. If you are from another country, you consent to the transfer of Your Information to Australia by using the Website, associated website(s) or other third party website(s), or submitting your Your Information to us or communicating electronically with us. The transfer is necessary for the performance of the Test to enable FinaMetrica to provide the services as requested.

The transfer is also necessary for the conclusion or performance of the agreement between you and FinaMetrica, or between FinaMetrica and a third party in the fulfillment of an agreement at your request or in your interest.

FinaMetrica will not be able to provide these services without your consent.

Disclosure of Your Information Outside of Australia

Your Financial Advisor may be located outside of Australia and/or may retrieve or download Your Information or may initiate an automatic transfer of Your Information on a regular basis to a computer or server located outside of Australia. Your Financial Advisor may not be an Australian entity or may not be regulated by the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

By using or participating in our services and/or providing us with Your Information, you consent to the disclosure of Your Information to Your Financial Advisor, on the basis that if Your Financial Advisor engages in any act or practice that contravenes the APPs it may not be accountable under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and you may not be able to seek redress under the Act.

The countries in which Your Financial Advisor may be located include Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Access, Modification, and Deletion